Poo Gate

Oh good god.  I came home from a Work Day, having not really achieved all I wanted to, but still with a tiny sense of smug satisfaction from functioning as a normal human being; when I walked smack bang into Poogate.

Youngest child, who has just reached the ripe old age of 3, has mastered going for a wee no problem, but is having serious poo issues. We have yet to have a poo on the toilet.  Tonight, we had a poo, while eating our pasta, on the Leather breakfast stool.  This was no ordinary poo, this was 4 days worth of congealed, foul smelling compressed never ending vileness.

The said poo was not just confined to underwear and clothes, but had bubbled over like a casserole onto the chair, into the seams at the side of the leather and down the aluminium legs.  The smell hit me like a frisbee when I walked in the hall and was confronted by today’s childminding victim, who was desperately trying to contain the situation whilst the dog had started to eat said Poo and her own teeny tiny baby was screaming like a banshee.

It was horrendous.  Fairy liquid, dettol, bleach and 2 packs of baby wipes later, the situation was still critical.  The smell seems destined to last forever.  The only one who was not bothered was the offender herself.

Tomorrow is another day.


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