Work-life, Work-life,Work-life….

Afternoon All…. I feel like my head is going to explode today.  This could be because I am stressed or it could be to do with the fact that I have decided I hate wearing my glasses and am experimenting without them.  Have taken 4 Panadol to deal with resulting headache, but figure that I will probably get used to it?  I am sure (many MANY moons ago) that I was told I only needed them for driving…

Today is a work day. Left the house  only 20 minutes behind schedule which is not too bad.  Torrential rain and therefore had to spend longer than the allocated time on my hair in order to give it a full coat of Tresemme Freeze Hold.  An ingenious product  if ever there was one.  It doesn’t have that horrible hairspray smell and actually works.  Even in gale force winds.  arrived at work with very wet feet, changed into heels from under desk and felt remarkably like I was capable, competent woman ready to do a days work.

Have tried very hard to keep focussed on tasks ahead.  Work requires a clear mind today.  Alas, have had to deal with the following:

  • text message from eldest child’s school reminding me about Parents evening tonite – That will be the third time this week I have had to leave work early for a domestic matter.  I only work three days, so that’s 3 out of 3.  No one else seems to be consistently late, and leave consistently early.  Why? WHY??!!
  • email from the Drainage people to tell me they have found the source of the problem – and mention a ‘blockage’.  I am too scared to call them back and hear the answer.
  • text from builder to announce he is at house to remedy ‘snags’ we spoke about 6 weeks ago.  I tell him that there is no one there and I need notice.  He says he will come back at 3pm – Why? There will still be no one there – he tells me he will wait till childcarer returns from school run.  Why is he able to organise my life better than me?
  • round robin email from my neighbours to our community email discussing the ongoing issue of dog poo in bags which are being hidden in the bushes by dog walkers.  Really.  Have not replied as am not convinced The Cyclist is not a culprit.

Anyway – back to very important work issues.  Will not dwell on the fact the my new , very capable and together-looking colleague (who incidentally, has more children than me) is probably doing very important work things on her computer and does not (like me ) have the Sainsburys online browser open.

Think I will go and purchase the new copy of 25 Beautiful Homes to make myself feel better before tackling very large pile of work on my desk, some of which has been there so long – I have forgotten what I am supposed to be doing with it.


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