I need a Holiday

….says my 3 year old today.  “Oh yes” says 5 year old.  “One where you have 7 whole sleeps in someone elses bed”.  Hmmmm.  Whilst I share the sentiment, one has to choose ones language carefully.

Having a chilled Sunday.  The Cyclist made Sunday Roast. Was remarkably good.  Fighting the jealous feelings coming from within.  Particularly as all around the table agreed that Daddy’s potatoes were ‘better than the freezer ones’.  I thought melting the butter on the Broccoli and carrots was just ingenious , but I would rather die than tell him.

Youngest child has begun to start every sentence with the prefix “in the olden days….”  I wanted to tell her that “in the olden days…”  Mummy would indeed be thinking about going on holiday, and that this would involve white sand, villas and an excuse to visit net-a-porter.  As it is, I am looking at deals for Legoland Windsor.  Great.


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