Does your school give you a break? World Book Day and other moans…

Okay, so I understand the principle of World Book Day.  I have been on ebay and purchased a costume.  I have not moaned when said costume does not fit, requiring professional alterations at a cost more than the outfit itself.  Because you can’t let the little blighters down can you? At least when I was a kid it was just ‘Non-uniform day’ once, maybe twice a year.  So far in 2015 I have had

  •  WWI day.  That was fun, just magic up a wartime costume from thin air why don’t you.
  • Chinese New Year – bring something in to help celebrate! Like what?  I don’t have time to handmake a lantern!
  • Knights and Princesses Ball.  Please bring in some food from the list outside the main hall.  You guessed it – I got lumbered with sandwiches.
  • Food Around the Globe – Please bring in something from home to share about this weeks country….America, Russia etc.  Really?

I have Easter coming up (don’t get me started on the Bonnet issue).  But what has grated me today is the reminder I received from school via email.  The children are to bring in on Thursday (World Book Day), their ‘Extreme Reading’ photograph.  I vaguely remember reading in an newsletter, that this was an optional thing and if you enjoyed reading your book somewhere ‘fun’ , you could bring in a photograph.  Having received an email today, it is clearly not ‘optional’.  I can’t have my bambino being the only one in the class to have missed out on an extreme reading pose.

Lets just put all this into perspective.  Yes – I will go home and shove my daughter up a tree, balancing precariously with her book while I take a photo.  I’ve then got to get the damn thing printed. But the reality of this is that it is all about the parents.  Many will go into complete competitive overdrive, posting pictures of the most wonderful costumes on Facebook and tagging the ‘extreme reading’ photos with pride.  As if little Billy-o ever got himself into that position by himself.

The reality is that kids like books anyway.  They don’t need all this extra stuff.  Parents don’t need it either. I wonder how many books will actually get read on World Book Day?  I can tell you – if I spent as much time sitting reading a book with my children as I did running around trying to keep up with the School demands, our house would be a literary haven.

Im all for World Book Day as a concept.  I just wonder of it gets lost in the costume drama of it all.  And maybe schools should give some thought to  a calmer, less stressful way to mark it.

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