Friends Who Don’t Have Kids

Grrrr. So I have two days off work during the week.  Two very precious days.  During which I am supposed to clean, hoover, shop, walk the dog, keep on top of my house, wash, iron, fold clothes, put clothes away, unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, cook, bake, get my hair done, go the cobblers, got the doctors, go the vets, do school pick ups, referee children, take children the toilet, bath children, make beds, change beds,  sort the toys out, tidy the garden, get petrol, go the post office, go the chemist, sort the car tyres out. Etc.  You get the picture.

But all work and no play makes Mummy a dull girl. And theres only so much CBeebies a 3 year old can take.  So, I try every now and then to catch up with friends and remember what normal life is like.  So this week, I make an effort, I invite my friend over.  Planned for weeks.  I treat us to a posh M&S lunch, I buy the tea I know she likes.  I stay up til midnight cleaning the house.  I arrange for the drain man to come bang smack in the middle of the day, because I know I am going to be in.  I try very hard to keep 3 year old clean and presentable.  I get up at dawn and WASH MY HAIR – unheard of.

And do you know what?  She didn’t come.  A half hearted text message that didn’t even offer a real reason, saying ‘Really sorry, I cant make it over today! See you soon!’  Er, what?!  I was so livid.  What a complete and utter waste of my day.  I couldn’t even salvage it as had lunchtime drain check.  I had planned everything around her coming.

This is the problem with child free friends.  They just don’t get it.  They don’t understand how precious your time is, or how organised your day has to be.

They don’t understand why you are falling asleep in your wine glass wine you go out. They don’t understand why you wear flat shoes all the time and dry shampoo is your best friend.

They think it’s ok to turn up unannounced when your house looks like its been bombed, and then stay for an inappropriate length of time.  This is especially true when you have a new baby – 1 hour max folks, 1 hour!!!!!

They don’t understand why you can’t go for a drink after work any more, or why you have to pop to Tesco on your lunch hour and not the local beer garden.

They don’t understand why you can’t go on a 3 night trip to Ibiza for thingymebobs hen do , or go on spontaneous, impromptu nights out.

They don’t understand why you are always late.

But sometimes, when you actually do get out, and theres no sick on your shoulder, and you managed to blow dry your hair and put a pair of heels on – Friends can be the best tonic.  Reminding you that you are more than just a mum and encouraging you to drink more than is sensible for the day you have tomorrow…..  Just before you nod off in the corner.


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