Top 20 baby brands – Which ones I love and why

New mummy?  Feel overwhelmed when you walk in to the Supermarket and realise there are more aisles dedicated to baby products than fresh food?  Googled ‘babygrow’ and got 10 million hits?  Let me help.

I Love to shop.  Love it.  I have certainly calmed down over the years . Knowledge, insight and a decreasing bank balance has seen to that.  But I have tried most products, there was a time when I bought every product on the market – but experience, disasters and complete malfunctions have given me a strong sense of what works for me.

Here are my Top 20.

  1. John Lewis.  It is a go-to for lots of new mums, especially for their pram demonstrations.  But what I think they do best are basics. Baby vests, baby towels, muslin cloths and cellular blankets.  I have shopped around and their Baby by John Lewis ones are the best.  I have washed, scrubbed, tumbled and handed-them-down.  They stay soft, keep their shape and are generally really good quality.  If I had £1 for every poor quality, completely non-absorbent muslin I bought, or scratchy baby towel, I’d be rolling in it.
  2. Aden and Anais.  if you want to treat yourself, their muslins are amazing.
  3. Boots.  The best own brand breastmilk storage bags you can buy.  And their own brand teething powder is by far the most effective on the market.
  4. Tesco.  I have tried every brand of baby wipes out there.  Tesco Love Baby (for me, unfragranced) baby wipes are the best.  I never buy any other.  They are not too wet, they are not too dry.  They don’t smell funny.  they’re quite good value, you get a lot in a pack.  I love them.  They also do the best nappy bags.  thick, decent quality.  Nothing worse than a nappy sack that is too thin.
  5. Ellas Kitchen. I wish I chopped, mashed and pureed my own fruit and veg.  But I don’t.  Everyone is different.  For me, the Ellas Kitchen pouches were  a lifesaver. Pack and Go.
  6. Organix.  I still feed my primary school aged children their Oaty bars.  Yummy.  Healthy.  Every time I open a handbag, there is one lurking at the bottom.
  7. Tomme Tippee.  They do the best flask/bottle warmer.  You warm your bottle in the lid, it fits most bottles.  I didn’t use Tommee Tippee bottles but I the ones I did fitted in here great. Take it to bed to save your legs on the night feeds.  They also do the best breast pads, plastic backed so no leaks.
  8. Avent.  For me, the best bottles and dummies.  They also do a good microwave steriliser.  Take anywhere.  They are often on offer, make life easy for yourself, buy two, leave one in the car.
  9. Pampers.  Brilliant disposable changing mats and bed liners.  They are big and waterproof. Take them everywhere.  Staying in someone else’s bed?  Going on an aeroplane?  Major sick/poo incident in car seat/buggy?  Just line them with one of these to prevent further disaster and prolong the last clean clothes you had with you..  I also think they do the best nappies. ,
  10. Cussons Baby and me head to toe wash.  Literally – head to toe.  I can’t be doing with shampoo, conditioner, tangle wash, this does the whole lot.  Hassle free.  Smells nice too.
  11. Nuby.   Make great toddler cups and next stage bottles.  Just screw and go.  `None of this business about breaking the cup into a million pieces to wash valves, and then needing an instruction book to put them back together.  Who has time for that?
  12. Mothercare.  Great for essentials.  In particular, the things you don’t think of straight away, food storage boxes small enough for raisins, those fantastic tubs that divide powder feeds, juice carton holders.
  13. Gap. Their organic cotton range is excellent. Uber soft playsuits. Good socks.
  14. Joules. Hoodies and rainmacs. Sizing comes up small.
  15. Boden. Knitwear. Good quality cardigans and jumpers. Also ,summer cotton rompers are very comfy, stylish, and they last and last. Also do very well on Ebay if you are not passing on/keeping.
  16. The White Company. Their 100% cotton nightwear range is excellent. My kids sweat a lot at night and this range is much better for them.
  17. Lily and Sid. I am a huge organic cotton fan. Their range of clothing is cute and  super soft. And it lasts and lasts. I have passed on dresses that have been through 3 girls , and still look good.
  18. Zara Home for Kids. Can be a bit pricey but they have great markdowns in the Sale. Gorgeous bedding. I bulk buy their cot sheets, I never had a cot-bed but they are brilliant for rolling up and keeping in your bag. Line the buggy with them, use it as a sunshade/makeshift blanket/shawl. Lovely unique patterns. A bit random – but they also do really good kids cutlery, spoons that you can actually scoop things up with and decent toddler knives and forks.
  19. Monsoon. Amazing party clothes. Can be pricey. Small sizing. The most divine little boys knitted tank tops. Quite traditional clothing for boys is quite hard to find and they do it well.
  20. Marks and Spencer. Good quality 100% cotton underwear. It irritates me that it is priced higher as it is usually in the Autograph range. Despite that, I do rate the quality.

Hope my list helped! Til next time.. x


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