It’s not 9-5. it’s 5-9.

What happens between 5 and 9pm?  Where does it go?  Why have I not stopped for 4 hours and achieved bugger all?  Aside from putting the kids to bed  which was so hideous tonight that I do not want to talk about it, I have brushed the dog (well, tried, I brush the top, the rest is unbrushable), I have opened the fridge 5 times and looked at the ‘Super Goodness” Meal for 1 that I have bought for my tea (The Cyclist is away) and thought about eating it.  Whilst thinking, I have consumed a whole tube of Mini Eggs that were supposed to be for the kids  cornflake cakes and half a packet of cheddars that I was overjoyed to find in the cupboard.  I then tried to sort out the kids bags for tomorrow. I have put 4 pairs of knickers in Little One’s nursery bag and pray it is enough.

I want to say that I put a wash on because, quite frankly, the pooey knickers smell is so very bad.  Even when rinsed and wrapped in 5 nappy bags.  I want to say I emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher.  I want to say I picked up all the CRAP all over my living room floor and did something about the ‘creation station’ that has appeared on my dining table.  But I didn’t.

I want to say I didn’t do anything house/wife/mum related because I was busy reading all the  work related email pings on my phone.  But I would be lying.

I am not entirely sure what I have been doing.  I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet and even there I didn’t achieve anything.  I began by looking for Mothers Day presents, but strayed into  trying to find a dress for a wedding I am going to and researching block paving.

Now its 9pm.  I am incapable of attempting anything productive.  Other than maybe eating the Meal for 1.  Because it is healthy and low calorie and because it will kill another 10 minutes where I can avoid doing anything else.

Night All.


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