Bring Me Sunshine

So today didn’t start too well. I had a very busy day off work planned.  With 101 jobs.  I was so busy running everything over in my mind, that I left my eldest child in the nursery where I dropped off my youngest.  Oh the shame.  Oh the look on the teachers face when she came chasing me down the road.  Who does that? Who FORGETS their chid, while walking to said child’s school?

I eventually got to school, re-assuring child #1 that Mummy loved her immensely and I was just playing a joke when I left her in the Nursery.  I dropped her off and added a good ten minutes to my onward journey in order to avoid a particular mad mum who is trying to schedule playdates 4 months in advance and a roadtrip I have no intentions of participating in.

I then went to the doctors to get some bloods taken by the health care assistant, whilst clutching a take away coffee.  I was promptly sent packing because I should have fasted for the last 12 hours.  WELL NO ONE TOLD ME. Cue the nightmare that is trying to find an appropriate and convenient appointment time.  Thats me out til Christmas then.

I grumped back up the hill towards home, mentally running through everything I wanted to achieve today in my 4 hour child free slot.  I felt a little bit manic, a bit out of control.  An overwhelming tiredness and frustration has engulfed me this week.  I can’t even articulate the source.  Just general Mummy woes I guess.

But then, the Sun came out.  Proper sun, undo -your- coat buttons sun. Smile and say ‘Good Morning’ to strangers sun. It was lovely and warm and had feel- good powers.  It made me think of picnics and buckets and spades, parks, ice cold beer, holidays, crocs, bare skin, kids playing in the garden, people finally not staring at my Little One (who wears her sunglasses ALL the time).

It inspired me and lifted my mood immensely.  I even went home and TOOK THE DOG OUT , this is most unheard of prior to teatime.  We had a lovely walk, I came back with just as much on my mind but with a marginally better attitude and less of a foul mood.  Small things.  But they all count.  #RollonSummer.


One thought on “Bring Me Sunshine

  1. susankmann March 9, 2015 / 11:45 am

    Aww what a lovely uplifting post. Sunshine does make the world a better place. Hugs & Here if you ever want to talk xx


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