Spring Spring

Spring is in the air.  Time to banish the winter parka, prise that cardigan from your back and invest in a new Mac.

Here are my top three tips for your most vital of Spring purchases.

The Colour

Well, for me, this year, it’s Yellow. A bit out there, I know, but it is bright and fun and, well, it just makes me feel a little bit more alive.  Not to mention a tiny bit fashionable.

Beige is out. As is greige, navy and anything else dull.  Unless you are wearing it primarily for work, in which case you are forgiven.

There are so many gorgeous colours and  prints out there,  Chances are, you will wear this item more than anything else.  Buy something you love.

The Hood

It has got to be big – and wide, no good yanking it forward all the time. It has to handle a gust of wind and all manner of hairstyles, topknot included. It also needs to have a decent peak to cover your face. With the right sized hood, you won’t be wishing you wore waterproof mascara.


Don’t be fooled into buying ‘shower proof’.  They don’t keep you dry, you end up wet, generally uncomfortable and cross. Make life easy for yourself, there are enough obstacles in the day as it is.

100% Waterproof are the words you need to look out for.  Breathable is a good word too, nothing worse than sweating your way to the school gate.

For those who are with me on the Yellow front, I have whittled it down to three – Barbour Trevose , £199 (John Lewis), Petit Bateau Oilskin, £130 (online and also available at Next.com/Label) and Joules Blighty , £99.95 (also at John Lewis and Joules.com)

The only downside?  There is no where to hide when you are dressed like a ray of the sun.




2 thoughts on “Spring Spring

  1. marmaladepie March 16, 2015 / 11:33 am

    I would have a different mac for every day of the week if I could! I love a yellow ones, but I’m just not brave enough. Nine time out of ten I just want to be invisible on the school run. I love the yellow Joules one, but have you also seen the Seasalt ones? I love them, but can’t afford one this year.


    • Mummy Marbles March 16, 2015 / 11:40 am

      I know.. I will let you know if I am brave enough! The Joules one is my favourite too… I love Seasalt but I have issues with the size of their hood!! Have tried on their yellow seafolly jacket and wanted to love it but just didn’t… and it is not as yellow as the Joules one! I should really be putting the money towards a re-wire for upstairs, almost killed myself with the hairdryer this morning. Ah well, dreams and wishes….. I actually wrote the piece for a competition, not my normal blog content!!

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