You forgive them everything when….

Oh it’s hard being a parent.  You don’t need me to highlight the tough bits – tears, tantrums, poo, vomit, snot.  More poo . Cold cuppa’s, spilt cuppa’s, lunch on the floor. Lunch in your eye, lunch on the dog, lunch in the dog.

Fights and rows and bickers. Can I sit in the front?  Can I take my scooter?  Why do we have to walk? I don’t need the toilet. I do need the toilet, I need it right now.  I went to the toilet in my knickers.

I want juice. I want milk. I want a biscuit. I DON’T LIKE GREEN BEANS.  Please, Sorry, Please. I beg my pardon. Mummy, who are you talking to on the phone?  Can I say Hello?  I WANT TO SAY HELLO. What are you doing on the computer?   Is it Mummy’s work? Can I touch?  Please.  Sorry Mummy.

Are we nearly there? Mummy are we late again? Mummy did you forget my rabbit?

I don’t want to go to bed.  I’M NOT GOING TO BED MUMMY. I need a drink, I need a story, I’m scared, I’m hot, I’m cold, I’ve banged my head. It’s too dark, it’s too light. I feel sick. My tummy hurts. Can I sleep in your bed?

Phewwwwww.  However, you can forgive them everything when….

  1. They give you a cuddle and squeeze you really tightly like you are the only person on earth.
  2. You escape from the house and the black cloud lifts, and they wander ahead, without a care in the world, holding hands, and you think your heart may burst.
  3. They are asleep.  And you can trace their still-baby face and watch them curled up like a cat.
  4. They squeeze into the non-existent space next to you and snuggle in.
  5. You are given the 15th scribble of the day and it still makes you smile.
  6. They tell you that they Love You.
  7. You listen to them pretending to be You.
  8. They knock you over when you walk through the door like they haven’t seen you for a year.
  9. They want to show you what they have made/mashed/rolled/built;  with their face full of hope and you don’t know who is bursting with pride more, you or them.
  10. They hold your hand, voluntarily.

My children never let me down when it comes to smiles and joy, I hope I never let them down either.  It’s hard , but I think I’m getting better.



One thought on “You forgive them everything when….

  1. Kiran March 17, 2015 / 9:39 am

    All so true! Great post x


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