Using the Flush

I know what you are thinking  – Mummy Marbles is writing about Poo again.

No, actually.  Which is rather unusual for me as Poo is rather at the forefront of my life right now – or rather my Littlest One’s penchant for having one anywhere other than in the toilet.

Today I am writing about Work.

I thought I would share some Coping With Work strategies that you can easily apply to home/family/life in general.

I work in an Office where it is very loud, very stressful , very sweary and there is a lot of pressure.  Sometimes, the only thing that makes it better is when someone goes out for Donuts.

Otherwise – we have The Flush Method

It basically goes like this –

Aggrieved person –

‘….Aghhh (insert name here) is driving me mad! Who does he/she think she is?  This is ridiculous, how am I suppose to manage this and deal with everything else, I’m supposed to be at such a place by 11am and there just isn’t enough time etc etc ‘

The rest of us

‘…Use the Flush. Flush them away, flush , flush, flush them away. Pshhhhhhhhh’

Then we all put our hands in the air and swivel our fists in the mock action of flushing the toilet.

I appreciate that this all sounds faintly ridiculous, but it works.  For several reasons, it reduces the tension, it is a bit of fun and it creates a bit of camaraderie.

And Laughter is better than Tears.

Something/Someone getting on your nerves today?  Flush it away.  Flush Flush.

You will feel better. Promise.



2 thoughts on “Using the Flush

  1. Susan Mann March 22, 2015 / 7:26 am

    I think we could be doing with this at out work. Thanks for sharing x


    • Mummy Marbles March 22, 2015 / 9:34 pm

      he he.. just a bit of fun.. but it lightens the mood a bit sometimes! xx


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