Growing Pains

So…. on Easter Sunday we had the whole family (and there is a lot) round for dinner.  While getting my 5 and half year old daughter ready, she asked all the usual questions, who was coming, who was not, why, when…..  Then she asked for a bun.

No – not the Hot Cross variety.  A bun, on top of her head, with her hair in.  Using a bun ring that she sees her Auntie use.  My little girl likes plaits, and unruly hair around her face like a Lioness. NOT buns.

Such a small thing but as she sat at my dressing table, directing where she wanted the pins to go, I just felt her slip away from me a teeny tiny little bit.  It was like she grew – right there and then in front of me.

On Easter Monday she started writing books about the family.  For the first time, she didn’t ask for help with the spelling.  They were all wrong of course, but I found myself staring at her, waiting for her to ask me for help.  She didn’t of course.

Then today – her first tooth fell out.  Probably earlier than it should have done, whilst chomping her way through a Granny Smith.

And there it was.  The first time I had ever really noticed her growing up.

It was not like her first milestones or her little achievements, it felt different.  As if she was entering a whole new chapter in her life.

It broke my heart – A Bun and a Tooth.

God Help me when she gets a boyfriend.




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