10 Family Moments

It occurred to me this week that there were several incidents that my single, child free self would have absolutely balked at…… but the new Family Me does not bat an eyelid at.  Here were my top 10 moments of living The Family Life….. this week anyway…

1. Hubby and I  both spent a good ten minutes analysing the dogs poo to decide whether he has worms.

2. This did not phase me at all and I googled different variants of Worms while simultaneously cooking the kids tea and cleaning up spilt coffee using my foot and a babywipe.

3. I text my husband during a majorly important meeting telling him he needs to find a Tooth Fairy pillow before he comes home.

4. He knew better than to come home without it.

5. I couldn’t wait for payday – because I needed a new kitchen bin.

6. My most exciting part of the week was when I put clean sheets on my bed.

7. I resembled a Midwife on #oneborn every time I took my youngest to the toilet to have a poo.

8. I seriously doubted my ability to make it through most days – when it was only 6.15am.

9. I cooked the exact same meals that I did the week before.  On the same days.

10. I was late.  For everything.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though…


Mummy Marbles x


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