Ode to a Disney Princess

Princesses from Disney, oh how you rule my world, the subject of bribery, the envy of curls

I look in the Mirror, but I know who is fair,  it’s Snow White, with her ebony hair

For no grey in her mane, or vomit on her top, lots of time to pamper and shop

Ana and Ariel, with their fiery red hair, not a drop of dry shampoo or a wardrobe-worry care

Elsa with gloves on her beautiful hands, they’ll come in handy for washing pots and pans

More exotic beauty from Pocahontas and Mulan,  off searching for love, just cos they can.

Belle who looks radiant in canary yellow, So lucky to find such an agreeable fellow

Tatiana had to kiss a good few frogs, lucky she didn’t end up with a handful of sprogs

Cinders had to put up with the family from Hell, will they change their ways?  Time will tell….

Aurora, God so lucky, a sleep for so long! I am ever so jealous of her.. is that  a bit wrong?!

Jasmine, oh to have a tummy like that, I would be dancing and prancing and shaking my hat

Sofia, oh bless, a most modern fairy tale, Santa forgetting the Amulet?  a modern #epicfail

Rapunzel, I would gladly spend a day in your tower, if only to have a mega child- free shower

Tinkerbell, looking lovely in green,  I can picture you with a can of Mr Sheen

Merida,my absolute fave, you feisty little soul, our worst day was when you fell down a manhole

Because although I always regret, a trip to the Disney store, I can understand the magic, the powerful lure

Princesses, Princesses, how you assist in my day, providing 5 minutes of peace, a bit of self-play

They soothe the tears, they calm the fights, they cause the kids to question their rights,

But lets face it, no one can deny, we all have Disney magic, or at least – we do try…..



Mummy Marbles x


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