Hi to you all and thanks for reading my blog.  I am very new to this and have found even setting the site up a bit of a Challenge!  I recently had  one of my Blogs made MumsnetBloggers       ‘Blog of the Day’. I nearly choked on my tea when I looked at my site stats – I had gone from averaging 4 views a day to over 3000! Wow, I was so unbelievably chuffed.

The feedback from that particular post Why I Hate Playdates was amazing, via my site, Mumsnet and Twitter. I loved reading every ones comments and suggestions.  It made me consider points of view that I had not really thought of before.  There and then I realised what this Blogging business was all about, that there was this huge community out there, just waiting for you to engage in.

I, like most of us, am a busy , working mum, with all the daily stresses of family life and work.  I have always loved to write and  the primary reason for starting this blog was for me to just        Let it all out.  Sometimes, I feel that is therapy in itself.  I find it hard to articulate my problems sometimes and this is an excellent avenue. We all need something for ourselves, I can’t get to a gym or a playgroup as much as I would like, so the fact that I can lie in bed in the wee hours of the morning and join in with you lot out there suits me down to the ground!

I blog anonymously, for lots of reasons, I hope you enjoy my posts, I love reading all your messages and comments, and following your blogs too!

Have a Lovely Day !!

Mummy Marbles


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