Ode to a Disney Princess

Princesses from Disney, oh how you rule my world, the subject of bribery, the envy of curls

I look in the Mirror, but I know who is fair,  it’s Snow White, with her ebony hair

For no grey in her mane, or vomit on her top, lots of time to pamper and shop

Ana and Ariel, with their fiery red hair, not a drop of dry shampoo or a wardrobe-worry care

Elsa with gloves on her beautiful hands, they’ll come in handy for washing pots and pans

More exotic beauty from Pocahontas and Mulan,  off searching for love, just cos they can.

Belle who looks radiant in canary yellow, So lucky to find such an agreeable fellow

Tatiana had to kiss a good few frogs, lucky she didn’t end up with a handful of sprogs

Cinders had to put up with the family from Hell, will they change their ways?  Time will tell….

Aurora, God so lucky, a sleep for so long! I am ever so jealous of her.. is that  a bit wrong?!

Jasmine, oh to have a tummy like that, I would be dancing and prancing and shaking my hat

Sofia, oh bless, a most modern fairy tale, Santa forgetting the Amulet?  a modern #epicfail

Rapunzel, I would gladly spend a day in your tower, if only to have a mega child- free shower

Tinkerbell, looking lovely in green,  I can picture you with a can of Mr Sheen

Merida,my absolute fave, you feisty little soul, our worst day was when you fell down a manhole

Because although I always regret, a trip to the Disney store, I can understand the magic, the powerful lure

Princesses, Princesses, how you assist in my day, providing 5 minutes of peace, a bit of self-play

They soothe the tears, they calm the fights, they cause the kids to question their rights,

But lets face it, no one can deny, we all have Disney magic, or at least – we do try…..



Mummy Marbles x


10 Family Moments

It occurred to me this week that there were several incidents that my single, child free self would have absolutely balked at…… but the new Family Me does not bat an eyelid at.  Here were my top 10 moments of living The Family Life….. this week anyway…

1. Hubby and I  both spent a good ten minutes analysing the dogs poo to decide whether he has worms.

2. This did not phase me at all and I googled different variants of Worms while simultaneously cooking the kids tea and cleaning up spilt coffee using my foot and a babywipe.

3. I text my husband during a majorly important meeting telling him he needs to find a Tooth Fairy pillow before he comes home.

4. He knew better than to come home without it.

5. I couldn’t wait for payday – because I needed a new kitchen bin.

6. My most exciting part of the week was when I put clean sheets on my bed.

7. I resembled a Midwife on #oneborn every time I took my youngest to the toilet to have a poo.

8. I seriously doubted my ability to make it through most days – when it was only 6.15am.

9. I cooked the exact same meals that I did the week before.  On the same days.

10. I was late.  For everything.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though…


Mummy Marbles x

Growing Pains

So…. on Easter Sunday we had the whole family (and there is a lot) round for dinner.  While getting my 5 and half year old daughter ready, she asked all the usual questions, who was coming, who was not, why, when…..  Then she asked for a bun.

No – not the Hot Cross variety.  A bun, on top of her head, with her hair in.  Using a bun ring that she sees her Auntie use.  My little girl likes plaits, and unruly hair around her face like a Lioness. NOT buns.

Such a small thing but as she sat at my dressing table, directing where she wanted the pins to go, I just felt her slip away from me a teeny tiny little bit.  It was like she grew – right there and then in front of me.

On Easter Monday she started writing books about the family.  For the first time, she didn’t ask for help with the spelling.  They were all wrong of course, but I found myself staring at her, waiting for her to ask me for help.  She didn’t of course.

Then today – her first tooth fell out.  Probably earlier than it should have done, whilst chomping her way through a Granny Smith.

And there it was.  The first time I had ever really noticed her growing up.

It was not like her first milestones or her little achievements, it felt different.  As if she was entering a whole new chapter in her life.

It broke my heart – A Bun and a Tooth.

God Help me when she gets a boyfriend.



London Life


So- I have decided to enter a competition to see if I can win My Little Family a trip to the Big City!   A Five Star break at The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington – Wow – it looks amazing -take a look!


If we had two whole days in the City, what would we do?  We have never been to London as a family before, occasionally for work, but never for play, and never with the Children!

Our starting point would be a bit of Culture.  The Victoria and Albert Museum.  There are some marvellous looking exhibitions on at The Museum of Childhood and plenty of interactive fun and craft.  Oh, and I can’t pretend not to be a teeny bit excited at the prospect of seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibition.

A spot of lunch and a trip to Hamleys Toy Store for a special treat would follow.   We would then head to the London Aquatics Centre!  My husband is in awe of the place and we could have a family swim and maybe try the inflatable assault course before having a wander through the Olympic Park.


A trip to the West End would be just wonderful.  A family show , I think.  While I would love to see Lord of the Dance, it is more likely to be The Lion King!

After a Good Nights Sleep in our fabulous Hotel, we would head to the Tower of London – somewhere to feed the Little Ones imagination and a bit of history thrown in too.  I would Love to see The Crown Jewels, I have always had a little obsession with them!


My Family would love the London Transport Museum, lots to see and do and looks very family friendly. We have major ‘bus love’ in our house!


If the Sun was shining on us, we would head to Victoria Park to soak up the atmosphere and have a relax.  The children would just love the Kids Fountain Playground.

As for the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of Harry Potter, well,  we would have to magic up a bit of extra time for that I think!

If our trip sounds a little, well, geographically challenged, it probably is!  We don’t know London very well – but if you can’t dream on your holiday – when can you?!

London Life with Mummy Marbles & Co. x

Overegging Easter

He he…. I don’t know what happens to me at Easter.. I turn into lunatic woman, frenzy buying all varieties of chocolate at every opportunity.  Damn Tesco Metro for opening next to my office.

I am not like this at Christmas – I am cool, calm and collected, lists, measured spending, plans, charts.. (the OCD gets a special outing during the Festive Season).

But Easter, well, I just can’t help myself.  I have Grand Plans of Easter Egg Hunts , buying eggs in a range of sizes, to suit all possibilities, friends, neighbours, family…..


I  purchase mass amounts of Cadbury’s Buttons Eggs, because they are £1.  That is £1… I mean, it would be rude not to.

Then of course I am forced to admit that I am rather partial to the odd Easter Egg, they taste so wonderfully different.  There goes a few more Buttons eggs in the trolley.

As for the Mini Eggs, well, they are a staple in our house at the best of times, and then at Easter they bring out a giant plastic egg full of the little beauties….. I am beyond excited.

Add to that, 3 packets of Hot Cross Buns which will be out of date before anyone has any room left in their tummies to eat them, an Easter Cake of some sort because it has got chicks and bunnies on and I can’t resist, and a box of Ferrero Rocher because, well, just because – and I am at risk of turning our entire house diabetic.

Then I go to Home & Bargain and come home with baskets and ears to add to the ones I bought last year (and the year before) and some fabric bunting that would be half the price at any other time of year.


What a whopping great waste of money!!  I could hide the eggs in the bushes by the front door and the kids would have just as much fun.

Then of course, I have major guilt about the whole thing and dig out some books.  Because lurking at the back of my mind is that Easter is not all about the chocolate……..


Enjoy! x

3 thoughts for a 3rd.

I have two wonderful amazing, beautiful, wonderful (insert all other Mummy/parent speak here) children.  I adore them.  Yes, they are hard work and exhausting and there are days where I wonder what planet they came from.  But all in all, life is good.

The Cyclist dropped a bombshell on me a few weeks ago.  ‘Let’s have  3rd’ he casually says during our Tikka Masala.  I nearly choked.  A third has never been on the cards.  We are just coming out the other side of baby-ville, final hurdle – potty training.

We don’t have enough bedrooms, I”m the wrong side of 30, I’ve sold everything on Ebay.  I don’t want to be fat again.

To be honest, apart from all those cliches, here are the three things that have been torturing me the past few weeks.

1. My Family.

My youngest is 3. And well, she is a little difficult.  No – she’s bloody hard work.  There are days I think I can’t cope with her.  How would SHE cope with another baby?     Would it undo all the progress she has made recently? Would she regress?

What about my eldest?  I already worry that I don’t have enough time for everybody and I fear she would suffer.

The Cyclist – well I don’t know how he puts up with me to be frank.  I’m unpredictable, I’m manic, I have obsessive tendancies.  I swear too much. I shout. He says I am a wonderful Mum.  Not sure what he thinks about me as a Wife.

2. Everybody else

So I think I am a strong person, I know my own mind.  I am a professional with a high pressure ,  difficult job.  I make life changing decisions for people all the time.  Yet here I am worrying what OTHER PEOPLE WILL THINK.  I hate myself for it.  Yet I can’t help it.  What is wrong with me?

3. Work

Well I had a rough ride in work with my first two pregnancies.  They were not exactly well received, although we have got over that now.  However, I have told work that I have completed my family and have no plans for any more children. They have made plans for my return to full time hours next year. I feel sick at the thought of telling them any different.  I know this is ridiculous.  I know it is my life.  I know this is all very irrational.  But I think – No -, I know, that this would probably damage my working relationship, potentially beyond repair.

Deep down, I think I have made my decision.  I think I would love to have the opportunity to make my family of four into a five. It won’t be easy.  It may not even happen.  I will have to plan very carefully how I do things.  But I have a husband who loves and supports me and who believes in me as a Mummy.

So, lots of if’s and buts and maybes.  But if I am not careful here, the only person I will really disappoint is myself.

Do all these thoughts make me Selfish and shallow and small?  Did I lose my backbone in the last couple of years?  Is this normal?   Answers on a postcard…


My Blood Boiling Moments

Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Ooh.  That’s a little bit better.

I’ve had one of those days.  We all have moments where we bite our tongue, or not, as the case may be.  But we muddle on and it is soon forgotten.

Occasionally though, things drive you mad all day.  And your blood begins to boil… and then simmers away for the rest of the day.  Until wine o’clock.

Moments like this:

  • Putting your coffee spoon on my teabag holder, so when I stir my cuppa, it tastes foul.  And I have to start again.  And by then, I haven’t got time for a cuppa
  • Getting up at 5.45am, having meticulously planned for every eventuality, and still  being late for work.
  • The Cyclist not leaving the porridge bowls to soak so when I come to wash them they are like cement.
  • Not closing the drawers under your bed, so I walk straight into them and take 5 layers of skin off my shin.
  • When you make me a cuppa, and it’s a half-cup.  Why?  For the love of God, why?  Where is the rest of my tea?
  • Being in work and sneakily trying to do the Tesco online shop.  Minimising it when my Frenemy comes in to ‘chat’ (read : Spy) and is there so long that I lose my delivery slot.
  •  Going, going , going out for a Sandwich.  Oh dear, there’s nothing left.  5 Rich Teas and a banana it is.  Sod it, a Blue Ribband and a packet of Snack a Jacks too.
  • When the computer says No – and you want to hurl it through the nearest window.
  • Being on hold for 42 minutes, finally getting through to someone and they say, ‘Can you put that in an email?’  No. I effing can’t.  Why does no one want to talk any more??
  • My mobile phone  inexplicably ‘draining battery down‘ at the most inopportune moments.. Several times a day.
  • Drowning behind my desk, not knowing where to start and so wasting a whole hour on Twitter.
  • Driving home wanting to smack the driver in front of me for letting every man and his dog into the queue, when I am perilously close to getting a Late Pick Up fine from the Nursery.  Again.
  • Realising I have forgotten to clear the internet history on my work computer.
  • Coming home and emptying nursery bag to find a poo wrapped in knickers. I mean, come on.  What am I paying half my wages for?  I would rather you put them in the bin than not even try.
  • Shouting ‘I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow!!!!!” when the third text of the evening arrives trying to arrange ‘Easter play dates’.
  • Finally getting the kids upstairs, undressed and within 1 metre of the bathroom door…and Oh look, there is no hot water because one of the little Darlings has been twiddling with the heating remote control.
  • Not being able to find the ‘remote’ control.
  • Wanting to hurt and maim The Cyclist for agreeing to new heating system.  What was wrong with the switch on the wall?
  • Soothing Littlest One who is wailing in bed for some crappy plastic monkey that came in a lucky dip from the Leisure Centre, that is the size of a 5p piece and is a complete choking hazard and is, completely, missing.
  • Trying to log in to an account and trying every dog/cat/street name/date of birth I can think of before vowing absolutely NEVER to shop there again, before giving in and checking out as a guest using The Cyclist’s work email.
  • Going back upstairs as the Little One is still wailing about the monkey.  I offer every variety of Peppa I can find.  And for the first time in her little life – she wants George. Don’t have George.
  • Decide to open wine with The Cyclist before remembering that he has given it up for lent. Pious prat.